Hugs - International
Millions of children the world over are  being terrorized and/or traumatized on a daily basis either by terrorist attacks, natural disasters or violence in their own homes.  In addition to the physical scars many of them bear, one thing is common to all. Their deep emotional scars have caused them to lose the 'joy of childhood' that should be theirs. Shouts and squeals of laughter have been replaced by screams of fear and silent cries of pain.  This is happening in countries all over the world.
Hugs International is a global initiative whose focus is to help restore childhoods damaged by terror and/or trauma.  Whether in Israel, the USA, Iraq, Sudan, Pakistan,Iran, China, Russia, Nigeria, Egypt, Poland, Ghana, Saudia Arabia, Sierra Leone, Colombia, Brazil, Australia, Tanzania, Viet Nam, Afghanistan, Germany, Chile, France, Argentia, Serbia, Bosnia, Canada, Mexico, Rwanda, Finland, South Africa, Spain, Uganda, Japan, Namibia, Italy, Peru, Senegal, Honduras,  Ethiopia, Morocco, Cambodia, Sweden, Norway, Venezuela, Hungary, Burma, Czech Republic, Peru, Cote d'Ivoire, Bolivia, Zimbabwe,  Romania, Liberia, Ukraine, Turkey, Cuba, Jamaica, Panama, Benin, Denmark, Indonesia, Jordan, Togo, Syria, Congo, Lebanon, the Netherlands, Uzbekistan, Kenya, Botswana, Philippines, North Korea, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Greece, Somalia, Chad, Haiti, Thailand, Mongolia, Eritrea, Guatemala,  India, Malaysia, Yemen, Nicaragua, South Korea, the UK, Mozambique, as well as every remaining country or territory not listed here, our goal is to help the hurt to heal for these children victims by giving them something to smile about and then to hear that smile become laughter and all-out glee. To restore the excitement of discovery while reaffirming their sense of safety and security.  Why?  Because we believe that a childhood, no matter who it belongs to, is a terrible thing to lose. 
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